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This is a post-compo version of a game I made for Ludum Dare 29.

Theme - Beneath the Surface

This updated version includes: 
- completely revamped gameplay
- new features
- new challenges

- Build miners to mine more ice.
- They consume energy so don't forget to build more solar panels.
- Mining efficiency can be temporary increased by clicking on them.
- Don't do that too often as it will jam and require money to repair.
- You can also upgrade existing buildings too!
- Your storage is limited so upgrade it frequently.
- When you have enough ice, you have to transmit it directly
into orbit using our quantum communications relay.
- In reward you get more funds to continue the operation.
- Next beam will require more amount of ice each time you transmit.
- So don't forget to increase storage before you run out of money.

Original game made in 48 hours.

More info: Ludum Dare 29 Entry Page!

Made by @RomanKDev